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Cartersville Senior Photographer

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Hey Superstar Senior!

Your senior story is a celebration of who you are and what you’ve accomplished! You deserve a photographer who will capture your style and personality, emphasizing your achievements, hobbies, and interests that make you unique and help you stand out.

Forget about the stiff, awkward poses and the inauthentic, boring shots everyone else has. No more over-processed skin textures and bland colors!

My senior photography is as unique and creative as you! I’m committed to capturing your achievements, hobbies, and interests in a flattering, supermodel style. Your senior pictures should tell your story through artistry that wows your friends and brings tears to your mama’s eyes!

Curious to learn more?

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This is how we get it DONE!

We’ll brainstorm together, and I'll walk you through everything from choosing outfits to selecting the perfect locations that match your vibe. Your senior portrait session will be completely customized to reflect your personality and the season. As a senior photographer in Cartersville, I have a tons of favorite spots and recommendations to ensure your session is uniquely yours.

I specialize in making you feel completely at ease in front of my camera. Using a technique called flow posing, I'll guide you into relaxed and natural poses—no stiffness or awkwardness here! Whether you feel like a superstar or a supermodel, I'll capture your authentic essence.

When it comes to editing, I believe in enhancing your photos without over-processing them. My goal is for your family and friends to recognize and cherish the real you in every shot. Expect correct colors, no artificial filters, and a natural, clean look with crisp details and textures. We'll discuss any preferences you have for blemish removal or other editing needs.

Get ready for beautifully lit images that you'll be excited and proud to share!

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Hey Parents!

I understand how quickly time flies—it feels like just yesterday your child was graduating from kindergarten. Now, they've blossomed into an incredible young adult right before your eyes.

Let's face it, senior portraits are probably the last professional photos your child will have until their wedding day (gulp!).

That's why I'm here to capture your child exactly as they are today, preserving these precious memories with images and products that you'll cherish forever!

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About Me

Hey, I'm Stan! I'm a night owl who loves to sleep in, fueled by Mountain Dew and a passion for photography. When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me flipping BBQ, rocking out to some tunes, and enjoying time with my family and dog. I'm a techno geek who loves to drop one-liners and laugh until I cry. Left-handed, Unapologetically Southern-talking, and Christ-following, I call the charming town of Cartersville, Georgia, my home.

Early retirement gave me the perfect opportunity to dive into my lifelong passion and start a second career in photography! I love capturing moments with my trusty camera and adding that extra sparkle with my dear friend, Photoshop. I'll snap just about anything as long as it's safe, legal, and packed with fun!

I get it—your senior year is a big deal, and you want to document it with fun, unique, and stylish photos that scream you! Imagine a day full of laughter and cool locations that showcase your true personality. You want those bold, colorful shots that pop without looking overdone. That's where I come in! From finding the perfect backdrop to guiding you into comfortable, natural poses with just the right amount of movement, I've got your back. I'm all about planning and perfection—making sure everything is set so you feel at ease and your photos turn out amazing. With my experience as a parent and grandparent, I know how much your loved ones adore you, and I want your pictures to reflect that unique spark they see every day. So, let's make some magic and capture the real, beautiful you in every shot!

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